Judson Wright

ACMG Ski Guide, Canadian Avalanche Association Professional

Judson is the owner-operator of Kootenay Backcountry Guides.  While learning to ski tour in the Whitewater and Kootenay Pass backcountry, the seeds of an idea to bring a local ski guiding operation to the Kootenays were planted in his head. He spent the next 10 years exploring the mountains of western Canada and getting his A.C.M.G guiding certification. Over time, skiing became more about showing others the magic in the mountains than going on self-fulfilling mountain adventures.  In 2016 he officially launched Kootenay Backcountry Guides as the Kootenays local backcountry guiding and avalanche education company.   His ultimate goal is to help others experience the joy of backcountry skiing and to promote backcountry safety.  

Roger Yim

ACMG Ski Guide, Canadian Avalanche Association Professional.

Roger is a fully certified A.C.M.G. ski guide and professional member of the Canadian Avalanche Association.  Roger is a bundle of good times and great humour.  Two things Roger does really well are finding powder and cook incredible food.  Roger is a long time Kootenay resident who knows the area inside and out.  When not working for Kootenay Backcountry Guides you can find Roger at Retallack Lodge,  and Powder Creek Lodge.

Conor Hurley

ACMG apprentice ski and rock guide

Conor loves travelling through the mountains on skis. The unknown of what lies on the other side of the ridge is what drives him to explore. He has ranged all over North America to Baffin Island, Argentina, Chile and Kyrgyzstan in search of new adventure and different mountain flavours. Conor is an ACMG apprentice ski and rock guide.

Marc Deschenes

ACMG Ski Guide, Canadian Avalanche Association Professional

Marc is a certified ACMG Ski Guide and professional member of the CAA and instructor for the Industry training Program of the CAA. His passion for the mountains lead him into a ski guiding career now spanning over 29 years and includes work at several backcountry ski lodge as well as helicopter skiing and snow-cat skiing operations throughout BC, Alberta and New-Zealand. Marc also devotes his winters as an instructor for professional level (CAA) and recreational avalanche safety training courses. During the off-season Marc works as a Geotechnical Consultant. He lives in Nelson, BC with his partner and three children.

Joe Pavelich

ACMG Ski Guide, Canadian Avalanche Association Level 2

Joe Pavelich is a certified ACMG Ski Guide and has been guiding Snowcat, Heli, and Ski touring groups for over 18 years throughout the interior of British Columbia. Joe has also worked instructing avalanche courses and as a Avalanche Forecaster for Canadian Pacific Railways. He has a very infectious attitude to being in the outdoors, especially when it comes to skiing. Originally from North Vancouver, for the last 20 years Joe has lived in Nelson BC.

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