Avalanche Education

Avalanche Skills Training Level 1

We're serious about Safety.

"Judson has a wealth of experience in the backcountry. He had stories to share to help us apply what we were learning, this really helped us understand the importance of why we needed to learn what we did. We even got a couple deep pow turns in as well." - Sean Taylor

Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 is the perfect intro course for anyone wanting to get into the backcountry and be safe! Never has there been a better time to learn about mountain travel. The AST 1 course teaches you what you need to know to play safely in the mountains. We show you how to plan and carry out a trip, read and use avalanche bulletin, utilize the vast array of online resources at your disposal, and what to do when all else fails. Click here to sign up!!

The AST 1 course is two full 8 hour days.

  • Day 1
    is spent mostly in classroom learning the fundamentals. Toward the end of the day, we head out into the mountains to practice our avalanche rescue skills. During the day we learn about the formation and release of avalanches: how to avoid avalanches; how human factors influence our likelihood of being caught in an avalanche; how to use our amazing online tools, including your smartphones in your decision making; and we plan and research our tour for the following day.
  • Day 2
    we head to Whitewater Ski Resort, or the Kootenay Pass Backcountry, and have a full field day session. Here we learn to: recognize avalanche terrain, both big and small; proper group travel techniques; how to use the Avaluator Tool to help make decisions; we look at the mountain snowpack and learn basic snow science techniques to determine if the conditions are stable, and finally we practice our avalanche rescue techniques. Of course, we do what we can to grab some pow on the way down. 


"Alright! Enough with the information. How much is this going to cost me? I am just a ski bum, getting my start here. I had better not lose my shirt!" You are in luck, the AST1 only costs $220. This includes all course materials.

Here is what $220 gets you

  • Two days of instruction with certified professionals who like to ski, snowboard and have fun!
  • The Avaluator™ tool, a great tool you can use to trip-plan and make on-mountain decisions.
  • A copy of Backcountry Avalanche Awareness by the legendary Avalanche Guru, Bruce Jamieson.
  • All of the fun and learning you can handle.

  • Course Cost:

    $220 +tax

  • Course #1 Date:

    December 2nd-3rd
  • Course #2 Date:

    Dec 9th-10th
  • Course #3 Date:

    January 6th-7th

"If you want to play here...
you have to learn the rules first"

Managing Avalanche Terrain

Expand your terrain knowledge...

The MAT is a very focused field-based course designed to expand on the terrain management taught in the AST 1 course, and to develop more advanced winter backcountry travel skills. This course will help you mitigate your risk by honing your terrain evaluation and travel skills.

This course is for students who have completed the AST 1 course and are looking for more! The MAT is a field-based course where we take a closer look at how to travel in and manage avalanche terrain. The goal is to help you gain more advanced winter backcountry skills. We know you want to shred the backcountry but want to learn from the professionals on how to do it. We will have a full field day of fun and safety at either Kootenay Pass or Whitewater Ski Resort Backcountry. During our day we review our trip planning and fundamentals learned in the AST 1, we then take them to another level by going further into the backcountry and honing your terrain evaluation and travel skills.

  • Course Cost:

    $125 +tax
  • Course Dates:

    December 4th, 11th & January 8th

"Terrain management is paramount to safe backcountry travel"

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